What I’m Love-Hating Lately

Okay, it was about time for another edition of the “What I’m Loving Lately” blog series, but with a new spin, aka what I’m “love-hating.”  Because that it totally a thing.  And because it happened to apply to all the things I was brainstorming.

In other news, a happy Friday to you all.  I hope you get to spend your weekend enjoying perfectly crisp fall weather (is crisp a type of weather?), relaxing and not dying during your 10K race on Sunday.  Oh wait, I’m just talking about myself on that last one 🙂


First and foremost…

Honeymoon Recaps!

Love because it’s an excuse to post that photo AGAIN (help me, I can’t stop!), to look through all the other photos we took and relive all the fun we had.  Hate because it reminds me that I am NOT in France, eating cheese, drinking full bottles of wine every.single.night. and having my mind blown over all the beauty.


Morning Workouts

Love because something about getting up and getting my sweat on first thing in the morning makes me feel productive/confident/healthy/badass for the rest of the day.  Hate because that getting up before the sun thing, womp womp!


This Whole Wheat Applesauce Loaf Cake Recipe

Love because it makes the most amazing muffins.  I think my nephew devoured about six of them two Sundays ago and we all know children are the real test of whether something tastes good because they are not afraid to tell you if it’s bad!  Hate because every time I opened to fridge I wanted to eat 10, but settled for one.


Writing Thank You Notes

Love because the lost art of handwritten notes speaks to my soul and makes me feel giddy.  Plus it’s just another way for me to express my thoughts and emotions through the written word (as if I needed another way to do that…).  Hate because A) hand cramps and B) never enough room to fully thank everyone as much as I’d like to!


Frye Flats

Love because hello beautiful leather, expert craftsmanship and impressive durability.  And in the words of the Nordstrom salesman who convinced me to buy them, my new pair “has everything that makes a shoe fashionable; a pointed toe and a heel.” Hate because breaking them in is such a pain.  I very jokingly compared it to the pain of having your feet bound and then Joey’s face let me know how inappropriately insensitive that comment was…


Raw Apple Pie Filling

Love because the recipe is so simple, contains NO sugar (um dates are so amazing!) and is honestly just plain delicious.  Every time I use them to top oatmeal or yogurt I am like “how is this so good and so healthy at the same time?!”  Hate because I am almost out of the batch I made and it is sending me into a state of panic!


Our Washing Machine 

Love because it’s finally fixed — did I mention that a hole burnt into the tub?! — and our laundry basket is no longer overflowing.  Hate because I kinda liked having a good excuse to let said laundry basket pile up.  Note: I don’t mind the actual washing/drying part, but folding clothes?  No.  I like to be conveniently busy when our laundry comes out of the dryer.


Home Cooking

As in my own (though I certainly don’t discriminate against someone cooking from their home for me!).  Love: Because I think we ate out three meals a day for over a month and I missed my kitchen!  Hate: Because I didn’t miss doing the dishes (though I would gladly choose doing the dishes over folding laundry!).

What are you love-hating lately?




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