Super Bowl Weekend Things

Happy Groundhog Day!  Though I think I’d rather be at home watching the movie, than at work.

It’s funny, I was checking my Time Hop (still so in love with that app!) on Saturday morning, and it was filled with pictures of snowy Colorado trees, the Mayan movie theater, saisons and Super Bowl talk and it’s like deja vu — this year was filled with the same things!  As in we were at the Mayan on Friday night, it snowed on Saturday night, we tapped our newest brew (a saison, of course) on Sunday and duh, it was the Super Bowl on Sunday.  How weird is that?

photo 4

We took ourselves to a late movie — we’re talking 10 PM, people — and only once did I think “I’m going to fall asleep during this movie,” but I made it through.  I liked Imitation Game but I also kind of wished I hadn’t seen previews containing all the important lines/moments for the past 3 months.  I felt it kind of lessened the impact.  Also, Joey and I agreed that the ending was a little unfocused.  I’ll be honest though, the best part of the movie was when we were walking out and Joey spotted the popcorn that the theater staff had bagged and left out for anyone to take.  That look on his face!  It takes so little to make him happy.


We had breakfast and coffee the next morning at 2914 Coffee and this little bee I spotted on the sidewalk when we left pretty much sums up how I felt afterwards.  Buzzzzzzzz.  The coffee shop was pretty cute — and how great is it that you can order an almond milk latte everywhere nowadays — but it was pretty busy in there and okay, this is so nitpicky but I wanted my latte in a cute mug and unless you order a large, they serve it to you in a to go cup.  I want to pretend that annoys me because it’s less environmentally friendly, but really it’s because mugs are cuter.  Priorities, right?


After my usual Saturday yoga class — it was so full and I had to come home and confess to Joey that I accidentally touched another guy’s butt — we met Bobby and Becca for dinner and drinks downtown.  And holy busy, Denver!  We tried three restaurants that were on an hour and a half wait before finally landing ourselves at Wazee Supper Club.  Afterwards, we took B&B over to Union Station for the first time.  They were pretty impressed, so I guess my obsession is warranted.  And when we left, we discovered SNOW.  Like lots of snow!  I think it had been in the forecast but not that much of it that fast.

photo 1

photo 5

I think I could take pictures of snow topped tree branches forever.  But I’ll spare you and just share these two.  The first one was out side of the rec center where every single person in Denver happened to be on Sunday morning… apparently.  Can we all agree that if it’s extremely busy, you can only hog the treadmill for 30 minutes TOPS?  I thought that was a well known rule of the gym, but the two girls I saw on there for AN HOUR clearly had never heard that before.

photo 3

As for the Super Bowl, we took ourselves and a fresh growler of our “Super Bowl Saison” over to Josh’s parents’ house to watch the game.  Or if you’re me, your eyes were pointing towards the TV, yet you had no idea what was going on.  It’s a gift to be able to do this.  But whether you were rooting for the Patriots or the Seahawks (those were the teams, right?) or didn’t care at all, I think we can all agree on one thing.  MISSY FREAKIN ELLIOT.  She showed up and filled a hole in our hearts that we didn’t even know was there.  It almost made me forget those palm trees with mouths and those dancing sharks.  Almost.

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