Weekend Things



^ Saw this on vaca.  Portland knows what’s up.

We ditched our Friday night Rockies tickets in exchange for dinner with Bobby & Becca.  I let Joey order us a pizza that was so spicy and meat-topped that I’m now convinced he doesn’t know me at all.  Afterwards, we met up with Jenn at Highland Tap & Burger where I had a Nitro Cream Ale that went down like water and tasted like Captain Crunch Berries?!  Call me crazy, but I am so not into the Nitro thing.



I cleverly/purposely scheduled our “step back run” for the week we got back from vacation.  A 10K sounded better than 9 miles after no running for 10 days.  This 10K felt easy breezy and made me wish all running could be so painless.  Run success brought to you by cool fall temps that make it okay to not start running until after 8 AM.


Afterwards, we did all this errand running because that’s what married couples do, yo!  And also, the Rocky Mountain Showdown!  Aka one of the two football games I “watch” every year.  Joey freehanded that CU buffalo logo and I was pretty impressed.  Meanwhile, I re-wrote “HEY Go Buffs” more times than would make me sound sane.  I estimate that I watched about 10 total minutes of the game.  The good thing about football is they replay anything important like 100x so it’s hard to miss.  Buffs won!

Afterwards, we watched two movies that I’m gonna tell you about later 🙂



We decided it would be fun/cute to start going to Sunday breakfast before Joey leaves to go watch football so we walked ourselves over to Sunny’s, sat outside and feasted.  A girl could get used to this.  Back at home, I made this mental list of all this stuff I could get done while Joey was out, then he turned Say Yes to the Dress on for me before he left and I was like “k, I’ll be right here when you get back then!”  I guess I did get up to do the laundry, then eat lunch and read outside.  PEACHES, PLEASE DON’T GO.


In between constant mentions of Dez Bryant not being in the Cowboys lineup and Tony Romo breaking his collarbone, we brewed up an Octoberfest beer, finished the laundry and made spaghetti and meatballs.  The mornings and evenings are definitely starting to feel cooler here in CO, but during the daytime, it is definitely still summer.  Which means brewing beer and cooking at the same time is not the best idea if you don’t want to get a mid-day sweat going.  But then that spaghetti was so worth it.

Afterwards: commence Emmy watching!  I wonder how many GoT jokes/references I missed in previous Emmy shows.  I’m not a huge Andy Samberg fan and he so wasn’t Tina & Amy but there were a few funny moments in there.  And now we can officially put Mad Men to rest.  Say it ain’t so.


What did you do this weekend?

Do you watch the Emmys?

Is it fall yet where you live?

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