Saying Goodbye to Summer

Or, “The 2015 Summer Bucket List Wrap Up”

Seeing as today is officially the first day of fall (!!!), I thought it was an appropriate time to review that good old summer bucket list.  I debated doing that thing where I get busy and forget that I even wrote a summer bucket list and never mention it again, but I’m 26 now and I’ve got my life together* so you’re getting a end-of-the-season review this year.



#1 Attend City Park Jazz (check!)

Being in the company of fellow picnic-ers makes my heart so happy.


#2 Host a “Kick-Off to Summer” BBQ (check and check and check!)

Let this be known as the summer of the BBQ!  But seriously, I had so much fun planning, cooking and preparing for the BBQs we threw this summer.  Not to mention all the company we had at them 🙂


#3 Bike the Platte River Trail (check!)

Well we didn’t have a bike meet up with Hannah and Josh like we had originally planned, but we did go on a spontaneous 4th of July ride and it was definitely an adventure I won’t forget.

FullSizeRender (1)

#4 Go to a Denver Movie in the Park (check!)

I’m really glad we went, because A) burrito picnic (!!) and B) I realized this isn’t something I need to do all the time, or every year even.  No pressure to go every summer, ya know?  It makes it all that more fun when we DO go.


#5 Cold brew some iced coffee (check and check!)  And I think I brewed some two other times that went undocumented.

Joey and I were just talking about how sad we are that iced coffee season is coming to an end.  Nooooo!


#6 Run 10 miles (almost check!)

I miscalculated when my 10 mile run would be scheduled so the furthest I got during official summer was 8 miles.  Which went really well and makes me think I might actually live through 13.


#7 Go to My Brother’s Bar (check!)

Divey atmosphere and messy burger perfection.  There’s a burger joint a couple blocks from our house so I’d probably go there before My Brother’s Bar but this place could turn into a special occasion destination.  That special occasion being a hangover 😛


#8 Finish our front yard (check!)

Well, I meant to write up a post showing the before and after pictures of our front yard but clearly, that never happened.  I think I’ll put that dream to rest now.  I know you’re disappointed.  Our grass is still struggling a little on the edges but otherwise it looks great and the whole front yard transformation will probably go down as one of my life’s greatest accomplishments.  Just kidding… sort of.


#9 Go to Yoga on the Rocks (check!)

What a gorgeous day to be doing yoga with your gorgeous friend Jenn.  And right now I am thinking I could stand to have a lot more yoga in my life.

#10 Go to The Big Wonderful

FAIL!  I mean it still goes through October but we definitely didn’t go this summer.


#11 Make fudgsicles (check!)

I actually just ate the last one last night and it had definitely been in the freezer for too long and had that chocolate pudding skin thing going on.  Oh well!  P.S. I used this recipe and highly recommend it!


#12 Start that mother-daughter book club (check!)

So what if we only made it through the first book.


#13 Plant flowers (check!)

And I’ve managed to mostly keep them alive!!!  Actually, those red flowers went away and never bloomed again but their leaves are going wild right now and those vine-y ones are thriving.  The petunias come and go depending and how I water them but overall, I give myself an A for effort.

#14 Take a weekend trip to Fort Collins



I have a Fall Bucket List to share sometime next week!

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