On Half Marathon Training

You know, I really meant to write something more substantial about our half marathon training than the “ran BLANK miles this weekend, went well” statements from my Weekend Things posts.  But seeing as the race is SUNDAY, I guess I’ve found myself in a Now or Never type of situation.  And I’m also feeling kind of nostalgic about the past three months of training, so it turns out now is actually a good time to write it all out.


Going into this half marathon training business, I really wanted to be all nonchalant about the whole thing.  More to convince my brain that it wasn’t a big deal, than to convince anyone else it wasn’t.  Which means not stressing out about early morning running or obsessing about what I should eat for breakfast before a long run.  And you know what?  It totally worked!  As it turns out, you can’t plan ahead for how a run is going to go — shocking, I know — so I just took it all in stride, pun intended 🙂


And in the spirit of my theme for 2015, I let go of any expectations for this training.  I ran back to back half marathons in 2010 and 2011 and I felt like my downfall for half #2 was that I kept comparing it to half #1.  What a monumental waste of energy that was!  So this time around, I’m hella slower (HI, 11-minute miles!) and though that was kind of annoying because I’d just attained speed status (for me, at least) for the Bolder Boulder, I just decided it didn’t matter and I didn’t care.  Turns out a no pressure attitude is the best attitude.



I’m not going to lie, those dark mornings and 5-mile runs before work on a Wednesday got a little brutal towards the end, but the best part about all the worst parts was having Joey as my training partner.  To complain about how “it feels like we’ve been on this run for days!”  Or to rejoice about how “that run felt so easy!”  Also, kinda going to miss having Joey up and around when I’m getting ready in the morning, instead of him sleeping in until 10 minutes before we leave for work when I’ve been awake thinking thoughts all to myself for like 45 minutes and then bombarding him with those thoughts when he’s still half asleep.

One thing’s for sure… Joey and I decided we’re not running for AT LEAST AN ENTIRE WEEK post-half marathon 🙂  We’re so ready, let’s do it RnRDen!

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