Weekend Things


Okay, so I know it’s not technically spring until the 20th, and I know we Coloradoans are taking a huge step backwards in terms of weather this week (dropping temps, lots of wind, maybe snow!), but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Spring is coming!


In other news, last week was a little rocky.  Joey was scheduled to have Lasik surgery on Friday but after his pre-op check up on Wednesday, his surgeon didn’t feel comfortable proceeding.  Disappointment does not even begin to describe how we both felt.  In the end, a more experienced surgeon (at the same office) okayed the procedure and we’re good to go THIS Friday.  Which means Joey has to wear his super out-of-date glasses for another week and though he’s none too happy about that, it’s going to be so worth it come Friday.


So instead of 20/20 vision, we kicked the weekend off with a gorgeous stroll around Cheesman Park.  The pavilion was looking stunning, as usual (and I will say “remember how we got married here?!” every time I see it), and the weather was all too perfect.  I’m going to do my best to remember this sunny spring moment of happiness later this week when I’m cooped up in my office, hiding from the wind.  Also, this was my attempt at soaking up lots of outdoor time since I’ve been bad at that for the past two weekends.


Afterwards, we went home, made shrimp tacos and started RE-watching Game of Thrones.  We’ve been pretty much saying we should do that since we finished watching it the first time around but now that HBO is pushing that 50 episodes in 50 days (just in time for the new season) thing, I was really feeling motivated to pull the trigger.  And can I just say… it is so much easier to watch the second time around!!!  I actually know who’s who and can follow the plot.  It’s a whole different viewing experience.  Also, I’m trying to figure out exactly what IS in focus in that picture…


Saturday with zero plans.  Yes please!  We ate pancakes, hit the grocery store, I went on a run/walk and painted my nails outside while Joey worked on his little garden building project.  I’m all in on the actual planting part but the digging of dirt and stacking of bricks — not so much.  Afterwards, we cleaned ourselves up and went to dinner at The Melting Pot.  Not my first choice for Denver Restaurant Week but their deal is pretty good and we had a couple of gift cards, so we figured why not.  I spent 30 minutes curling my hair, only to have it ruined when the steam from the fondue pot blew my direction all night.  All in the name of cheese and chocolate though, right?


Sunday started with a sunny walk to the coffee shop, followed by breakfast at my parents’.  They had my niece over for a sleepover, so when I got there we colored and then she made us some hats.  Oh and I think my favorite part was when she one by one led us to sit on the floor in the hallway and repeated a story about my nephew falling off his scooter.  Kids brains are so interesting to me 🙂  We finished Sunday with work week prep (Joey made our salads this week and I’m insanely excited about them!) and a family birthday celebration at Joey’s dad’s house.  We ate dinner on his back patio and I could totally get used to dining al fresco again.

What did you do this weekend?

8 thoughts on “Weekend Things

  1. Vishnu and I went to the melting pot quite a few years ago after our college graduation. We always talk about going back but never have. Also, all I hear about is GoT – my husband is OBSESSED!

  2. I’m so glad you guys got out and enjoyed the weather before it gets cold and possibly snows again (ughhh.) I have a weird obsession with the Littleton Melting Pot because I love the history of the building and I am a sucker for melted cheese. Glad you took advantage of restaurant week! (Thanks again for the great date ideas!)

    • I’ve been to the Louisville Melting Pot and bunch of times (it’s also in an old building), but I know nothing about the Littleton one! You’re so welcome for the date ideas 🙂

      • Okay so I know it’s *just* the Melting Pot and not some place super unique and cool, but if you can ever make it to the Littleton location, try it! I used to try to explain it to Jordan and he wasn’t impressed until we actually went. Suffice it to say, it’s a historic building that was once a library, brothel, speakeasy and a jail! It’s several stories with lots of dark twists and nooks and crannies and I love the storied past. The atmosphere really makes the experience.

      • That’s actually the one we went to this time around! We sat at a table that overlooked that open middle part so I could see all the way up and down. It WAS a really cool building!

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