Weekend Things: It’s Officially Spring!

I know it’s Monday morning, but I can’t help but be in a good mood.  It’s spring, it’s going to be 73° today and this weekend was a good one.  First and foremost, Joey’s Lasik surgery went really well and he’s currently seeing 20/15 (which I guess is better than 20/20?!), so can’t ask for more than that!  Plus Saturday celebratory breakfast, afternoon massage, Sunday morning lounging, a warm sunshiny walk to yoga and um I made a molten chocolate cake.

It’s totally supposed to snow again this week, but I’m not going to think about that right now, because I’m too excited that it’s spring and I can feel all the warm-weather new-season vibes in the air.  This is one of the best times of the year and I’m gonna soak it all up 🙂


This is Joey pre-surgery, wearing his glasses for the last time!  Maybe we should wait until his follow up on Wednesday, but don’t you think a ceremonial smashing of the glasses would be appropriate?  Lori and I totally watched the whole procedure and OHMYGOD that part where they use what looks like a dental pick to peel back the flap over your pupil is CRAZY.  But in a “since it’s not my eye, I find this to be really cool” kind of way.


I was kind of jealous that he was encouraged to go home and nap — if more health professionals prescribed that, I think we’d all be happier people — but then I also went home and took a nap, so I guess I can’t complain.  My Friday night consisted of putting eye drops in Joey’s eyes (he claims I’m mean about it…), reading and eating popcorn on the couch.  But I didn’t mind one bit.



By Saturday morning, Joey was ready to drive for the first time in weeks and go out to a celebratory breakfast.  I’m wearing glasses in that first photo and Joey isn’t?!  What is happening?!  Funny how the first time we tried Stowaway Coffee + Kitchen I wasn’t all that impressed and now I LOVE it.  The space is just really hipster beautiful and the food is just really unique and most importantly, everything is delicious.  I was in a real good mood after this meal.


Joey had a follow up appointment that afternoon, so I did what adults do and watched Dumbo.  Okay, I got teary-eyed during the “Baby Mine” scene, but what of it!  Later on, I worked out, had a Zero Balancing (which is a type of body work) session with my dad, realized I should do that more often, went to the grocery store and decided to be a homebody again that night.  Leftovers and Netflix on a Saturday night are underrated 🙂


I was lamenting last week that Joey used to make me an egg sandwich once a week and that hasn’t happened in so long.  Probably because I’m always too busy making pancakes or obsessing over Stowaway, but still.  So he fixed us both up while I made coffee.  I haven’t been drinking it a lot lately but I had it FOUR DAYS IN A ROW last week and felt entirely under control and was able to sleep just fine?  My body’s inconsistent reaction to caffeine will probably perplex me for the rest of my life.


I was all gung ho afterwards, so I cooked black beans in the crockpot, helped Joey with our lunch salads for the week (Crunchy Thai Kale, if you’re curious), made some ganache, drank the best kombucha ever and took a walk.  It snowed on Friday but started to warm back up by Saturday and Sunday was perfect get-outside-and-walk weather.  Then I read in the sunshine in our backyard, while Joey measured stuff and plotted things for our yard.  Oh and I went to yoga, had to park really far away, but didn’t even mind the walk because the weather was making me all kinds of happy.



When I got home, Joey tackled a seriously amazing dinner — Goat Cheese and Herb Stuffed Chicken + Maple Sriracha Cauliflower — and I got dessert together.  I’ve had this Molten Chocolate Cake on the brain for months and finally got around to making it.  I wish I had a dramatic chocolate-oozing photo to show you but the ganache completely leaked out of the bottom of the cake as I was trying to free it from the ramekin.  Which had no effect on the taste of the cake.  IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!  Joey told me he had re-fallen in love with me after the first bite.  Then asked if I could make another one… right then.

Wishing you all a perfect spring day, 20/20 vision and no blisters from wearing your black Frye flats.  Happy Monday!

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