Weekend Things: Baseball’s Back!

And just like that, baseball is back in our lives.  Which means Sunday bike rides to Coors Field, staying up way too late to watch West Coast games, too many pre-game dinners at Biker Jim’s, epic Nolan Arenado plays, night games with sunsets that I swear look purple and mainly, just having my best friend by my side and being the happiest version of myself.

It wasn’t until this weekend, after attending two games, that I realized how much more “myself” I feel when winter ends, spring arrives, it starts to get warmer and life relaxes into a more familiar pattern.  And that pattern may or may not mostly revolve around baseball.  I’m imagining my family reading this and feeling like they don’t know who I am anymore 🙂


Can I put VP of Rockies Ticket Distribution on my business card?  I got ticket envelopes all put together in the nick of time last Thursday and felt myself getting sad when I got to the last games of the season.  Had to remind myself that the season has just begun!


All week we debated whether we should go into work at all on Friday.  I think you can guess what my vote was 🙂  Eventually, we decided not to, which meant a Friday morning run and iced coffee pit stop before meeting up with everyone else to head to lunch.  Elk-Jalapeño Cheddar dog + fries and a Titan in a can, please!



Finding shade wherever I can, like in the crook of Joey’s neck.



We were in our seats by 12:30 and sunburned by 1:00.  But seriously, it was hotter and sunnier than I had anticipated and despite putting sunscreen on twice, we were both burning, so we switched seats to go sit up in the shade.  So we were nice and cool when we watched the Rockies lose…

In other news, TREVOR STORY!  How fun has it been to watch him hit all these home runs?!


Immediately after the game, Joey and Co. headed to Blackhawk because the newest Opening Day tradition is to go gamble away your money and my tradition is to do ANYTHING BUT THAT.  So I read the newest Cooking Light, watched a movie and went to bed at a normal hour.  Is that boring?  Because it actually brought great joy to my heart.  And I’d already had two beers that day, so I didn’t want to get too crazy…


Saturday morning, I told Joey to sleep in, and I went to pick us up coffee and breakfast!  Metropolis Coffee will fill a growler of iced coffee for you and I wanted needed one.  And then I figured we needed some empanadas and a blueberry poptart to go with that iced coffee.  I got a massage afterwards and was like “well I guess this is the happiest a person can be!”  I went on a run when I got back because the weather could not have been more perfect.  And for the first time in a long time, I didn’t feel like running 3 miles was going to kill me.


My family came over that night and we all walked over to TAG Burger Bar to celebrate Joey’s birthday.  TAG took over for Sunnyside Burger Bar, which I had very mixed feelings on, and it was a delight!  The service was SO MUCH BETTER and the stuff I liked about Sunnyside Burger Bar (the actual burgers, the beer selection, the atmosphere) were all still there so I’d say this is a definite neighborhood upgrade.  Also, I tried a fried Oreo and it just made me want to eat a regular Oreo.


First Sunday game of the season!  But first, yoga.  I took myself to a Level 2 Vinyasa Flow and loved it.  My teacher challenged us to look at the world through “museum lenses,” and see everything like it’s new and exciting and you want to learn about it, but she didn’t have to tell me twice because that’s already how I look at everything when I’m out and about in Denver.  I was so hot at this game but then we moved to the shade, T Story hit ANOTHER homerun and we won, so: HAPPY DAY!

After the game, I went to a faculty dinner with my dad and the other teachers in the massage school he’s working at right now.  We went to a Moroccan restaurant, where we ate 5 courses with our hands and watched a belly dancer perform.  You know, just your average dining experience 🙂  All I know is that I love listening to people talk about things they’re passionate about and that I should tear up a chicken with my hands more often.  So primal, ya know?

What did you do this weekend?

Are you a baseball fan?

Have you ever eaten a restaurant meal with your hands?  Chicken fingers don’t count!

4 thoughts on “Weekend Things: Baseball’s Back!

  1. Confession: I LOVE baseball games, but I sort of hated this weekend’s opening festivities…for me Opening Day = my normally 15 minute commute home turning into 40 minutes and the extra 25 all spent on FOUR BLOCKS of downtown Denver (I could see my building! so close!). Ugh. Okay rant over…I really do love baseball when I get to be there watching.

    Also, your Friday night sounds like perfection to me! I got to read a lot this weekend (which unfortunately I sometimes have a hard time carving out long chunks of time to do) and it was so relaxing. This is the first Monday in a while where I actually feel properly refreshed!

    • It was so crazy downtown! In my defense, I was actually going to the game and not being one of those people that just goes downtown to get drunk in the middle of the day and pretend it has anything to do with being a Rockies fan. Ugh, the worst. Very jealous of your weekend!

  2. I played baseball for 8 years growing up in an all girls league. 🙂 Needless to say, I really do love the sport!

    And happy belated birthday to Joey!

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