Weekend Things

Ah, March in Colorado. When the weather is such a tease! We were in the 70s all weekend and it was WONDERFUL but there’s snow in the forecast later this week, boo. We totally took advantage of the nice weather and went for long walks, hung out outside, went for outdoor runs, feasted on tacos and margs and Googled whether you can have your baby in the sun?? It was truly the best!

There were a few days there where Dempsey wasn’t waking up until we did and it was NICE, but he’s back on a 6 AM kick, so morning cuddles in bed it is! Once he was down for his first nap, I made us some weekday morning pancakes (those are black sesame seeds, by the way, in case you, like Joey, are wondering “what IS that??”) and it was too nice so we had to take a family afternoon walk. Joey had to get back to work, so he and Andi headed back home and Dempsey and I strolled a little longer. He’s always putting his hands behind his head like that and it kills me!

Post work, that smiley baby got a bath and the warm weather had us in a celebratory mood, so we ordered tacos and margs from El Camino. My one veggie taco was extremely lame but the rest were very good and Joey took down that burrito so fast! We ordered dinner from El Camino one time over the summer but man is it more enjoyable now that I A) don’t have constant heartburn and B) can drink alcohol, ha! We put that little bean to bed then queued up the Coen brothers’ debut film, which neither of us had seen. It was both extremely slow and extremely unfunny but now that I’ve had more time to think it over, I kind of liked it? It was legitimately suspenseful and have I mentioned I love Frances McDormand? It was her film debut too!

Saturday started with a happy baby and carrot cake waffles. He stayed awake long enough for us to eat breakfast with him and also for him to “drink” some coffee, aka drool on the rim of Joey’s mug. I don’t know what it is about drinks, but this baby looooves to look and grab at them. Can’t wait until he’s old enough to make me coffee in the morning 😛 We’re trying a new thing where we put him down for a nap and just sit in the room to see if he can put himself to sleep. Much more relaxing than when we were trying to sit next to the crib to hold his hands, rub his head and replace his pacifier somehow all at the same time. He’s been doing really well and we’re so proud! When he woke back up, we loaded him in the stroller and walked to Tennyson. There’s a baby store there that we bought him those tiny sunglasses at and it’s the cutest! Back at home, Uncle Adam came over to visit. It was so nice sitting outside! We had leftovers, put Dempsey to bed and watched The Death of Stalin that night. I liked it, but I won’t lie, it feels weird to laugh at anything World War II-related.

I was excited when I woke up on Sunday and Joey said it was “six-fifty” but what he actually said was “six-fifteen.” Some day we will eat breakfast from somewhere that doesn’t open until 8, but until then, Sunny’s it is! Unfortunately, they were not on their game and all those giant chunks of cauliflower in my scramble were basically raw, bleh. Oh well. It was like 8 AM and Joey had too much energy and was cleaning the bathrooms?! Who knows about this guy. But after that, we took another long walk. This time around the lake and it was both warm and not crowded, so that was a win! Dempsey fell asleep toward the end of the walk but woke right back up when we tried to put him down in his crib. We were trying to take a trip to Steve and Lorna’s new house but nap schedule was a mess and we didn’t make it over there till 3! But their house and the weather were beautiful. Dempsey had a small meltdown toward the end of the visit (he was both hungry and tired), so I fed him and then we scooted out. He fell asleep in the car on the way home but guess what… he woke right back up when we got home. Thirty minute naps in strollers and car seats definitely aren’t ideal, but some days are like that, I guess. We took him up to his room right after that delicious salmon salad dinner and he was perfectly smiley all through reading time but MAN was he upset while Joey was putting him to sleep. I could hear from downstairs and it was pure torture, so I’m not sure how Joey survived.

In other news, he slept through the night?!?! That’s the first time that’s ever happened. We both woke up at 5 AM and were shocked he was still sleeping and when we peeked in at him, he was laying on his stomach! That’s a lot of firsts for one night! Anyway, we’re all feeling extra rested and ready to tackle the week 🙂

6 thoughts on “Weekend Things

  1. What a lovely weekend! I was going to comment to ask where you got the baby sunglasses because Jack keeps getting blinded in his carseat, but then I saw the answer–drat, guess I better google for some, haha. Congrats on his champion sleep night!!! But I have to ask the real question–were you desperate to feed him when he woke up? 😉 I remember being so excited when he did an overnight stretch (sadly hasn’t been a thing for us since) but also sooo uncomfortable, if you know what I mean. Ha!

    • Um yes, I am very ready for my body to adjust to him sleeping through the night! Please tell me it doesn’t take long. Good luck with the sunglasses!

      • Thanks 😊 it’s definitely been a personal choice…I get so worried he’s hungry at night since he’s at daycare all day so I get up to feed him when he cries at night…now I think we’re just in a cycle but not sure how to get out 😬

      • I hear you! Honestly, when I was waking up just one time in the night to nurse him (and that is occasionally still happening), it wasn’t so bad and actually felt sustainable. Also I like to think babies aren’t really playing any mind games and just know when they’re hungry.

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