Really Freaking Snowy Weekend Things

We got SO MUCH SNOW yesterday! And the entire day (ESPECIALLY the end) definitely did not go as planned. Still, there were some bright moments from this weekend that I want to share 🙂

Friday morning, Joey had an early dentist appointment, so Dempsey and I took a little trip to pick up coffee. I love that Cherry Bean will bring your drink out to your car! Drank that lavender latte with a blueberry scone my mom baked and YUM. Dempsey was really grabbing at my cup but maybe it’s a bit too soon for coffee, bud.

That night, we made a veggie shepherd’s pie with goat cheese mashed sweet potato on top and it tasted extra good on a cold winter night. I also picked us up some beer from Diebolt and Joey was drinking the wildest stout! Upstairs, we read a chapter of Mr. Popper’s Penguins then into bed for that little baby and we started Cherry but then that little baby woke up! He remains a terrible napper for the most part but we’ve had pretty good luck getting him to sleep and staying asleep at bedtime. It’s honestly been what keeps me sane during those loooooong nap-fighting days, so the fact that he woke up half an hour after bedtime gives me so much anxiety!

On the plus side… he’s still sleeping through the night! It feels SO nice. The snow forecast kept changing and though we thought it was going to come in on Friday night, we woke up on Saturday to nothing. I made us some oatmeal, chocolate chip, banana pancakes and they were amazing!!! I need to make those more often. This is when we made the decision to do some gentle nap training that involved periodically checking on him instead of sitting in there and rushing over to put his pacifier back in every 5 seconds. I can’t say it worked perfectly and we had just a looooong short nap day. Ugh!

For dinner, we made kung pao brussels to go with our wontons and dumplings from Yuan Wonton (finally cooked them all!) and it was all so good! We let Dempsey hold a chopstick for like two seconds so we could take a picture of him with his “wand” and not poke himself in the eye with it. Again, we tried to “put him to bed” and he woke up 30 minutes later. Since when does he think bedtime is just another nap??? Tom Holland is me thinking about how it took us 24 hours to watch an hour of Cherry.

When we woke up on Sunday it was SEVEN FIFTEEN AND DEMPSEY WAS STILL ASLEEP! Hallelujah! With the time change it was actually 6:15 to his body clock, but still. My sis worked a night shift on Saturday and was due to work another one on Sunday, so instead of trying to drive back and forth home, she came to our house! I was just finishing up biscuits and gravy when she got there, so Dempsey napped and we feasted. Guys, why didn’t you tell me biscuits and gravy are super easy and super rewarding to make?? I loved it! We let my sis take our room to sleep for the rest of the day and we continued to try to nap Dempsey in his pack-n-play downstairs. He’s getting better at the falling asleep part but is TERRIBLE at the staying asleep part. I think he took like four 20-minute naps. Every day, I give myself a pep talk so I won’t stress about his sleep. But it’s sad when he’s tired. Get some sleep, baby boy! Oh and we finally finished our game of Monopoly. I slaughtered Joey in about ten minutes, ha!

The snow was coming DOWN!!! It was so pretty but it got a lot less fun when my sister went to leave and got completely stuck. She, Joey and two neighbors tried to dig her car out for an hour and a half while Dempsey and I watched from the window and felt stressed for them all. They finally had to give up and she called a Lyft that just never came. Finally, around 9:30, her charge nurse just told her to stay home. I think we all felt really bad, but I felt like she’d given it her every effort. Instead, we watched the Grammys and Dempsey freaking woke up half an hour after I put him to bed. WHY??? We started the show so late and even though I had so been looking forward to it, I just felt so impatient. We finally fast forwarded to the BTS performance, then called it quits. Grammys, give my boys a 30-minute performance next time!!! Anyway, that was their 31st performance of “Dynamite” and each and every one was different and special. Their talent!

Here’s some pictures of the snow today. Dempsey seemed unimpressed 🙂

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