Life Lately

I was just scrolling through the pictures I’ve taken this week and it has been a very silly time in the life of Dempsey. Toddler tantrums also abound (he wants what he wants, okay??), but for the most part, everything he does is very funny to me lately. Also sleep has been better, the Winter Olympics are on (for just a few more days ☹) and I’m in the middle of a book that I cannot put down, so πŸ‘πŸ‘

In the Kitchen:

Joey made us cod with scallion-sesame butter for dinner and cod is not the most photogenic fish, but it sure it quick to make and this tasted great! Love a ginger-forward sauce on almost anything.

I made us chickpea burger sliders and Dempsey acted like it was poison. Oh well, I liked them!!

And last, but not least, we dusted off the pasta attachment and made pappardelle for Valentine’s Day. Dempsey would not touch that pasta but ate a million olives?? This kid!

Dempsey Snapshots:

This boy is my monkey lately. Wants me to hold him all the time and wants to crawl all over me if I’m sitting down. Exhausting but also the sweetest and cutest. Why does he look so grown up in that first picture?? 😭

Seems like he is doing a new things about 10x a day lately! He can get himself into his own little chair now and is actually interested in doing so. I love it!

Joey and I got a little cookie decorating kit for my parents to do with him on Monday and he was really only interested in eating the frosting πŸ˜‚

Life In General:

I picked up a nice short book and Donna Tart’s 550+ page novel, The Secret History and guess which one seemed more interesting in the first few pages?? I’m so slow to finish a book these days, but I cannot put this one down! I was so intrigued after that intro (IYKYK), that I’ve flown through it!!!

Over at the office, my money plant is alive and thriving despite the little prune job Dempsey did on it, when we had it sitting next to his car seat on the drive home from my parents’ on Christmas night.

Have you all been tuning into the Winter Olympics? I swear I can’t name a single event correctly, so I’m just calling everything “Big Air,” which Joey doesn’t seem to find as funny as I do. I’ll be honest, I think what I love most about the Olympics is the idea that we’re ALL watching AT THE SAME TIME, but turns out, I can really only tune in for the nightly recap, which isn’t usually live and that takes some of the fun out of it. I watched that shocking end to the Women’s Figure Skating competition, then immediately went to Twitter and… crickets. Oh well!

Please have a happy happy weekend!

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