Weekend Things

Hello from the other side of my favorite weekend of the year, Oscars weekend! In addition to sheet pan nachos, Buffalo popcorn and an Everything Everywhere All At Once-heavy award ceremony, this weekend also involved a visit to Dempsey’s tumbling class, Avatar: The Way of Water, bagels and a baby shower. It all went too fast!

I was so impressed and delighted over how comfortable Dempsey seemed at class! Such a huge change from the last time I went. We had so much fun. And Lydia got some good attention from the teachers and Grandma. She took a good nap when we got back! We were trying to decide if we wanted to go out to dinner when a certain little miss decided to have a crying fit so that made our decision for us 😅 Made up for it with ice cream for dessert then started Babylon after Dempsey went to bed and the beginning of that movie gave me the same sense of overstimulation as life with a baby and a toddler 😬

Saturday feels too short when you spend three and a half hours of it in a movie theater. Avatar was the only best picture nominee we hadn’t seen and you HAVE to see that one in a theater, right? Dropped the kids off at Grandma’s and headed to Pandora for a torturous three hours that I hated almost every second of. I should’ve known when we re-watched the original a few months ago that I wouldn’t like the sequel but WOW, I hated it. Allow me to share my Letterboxd review — If not for the incredible visuals of this movie, I’d rate it much lower. I find it so deeply stupid. James Cameron is so immersed in the world of Pandora that he’s lost all sense of how people speak in the real world but it includes a lot less “bro” and “butthole.” The dreadlocks? Don’t get me started. Seeing humans next to Na’vi somehow makes both of them look silly. In conclusion, this film features a made up whale saying “It’s too painful.” Joey liked it 😋😂 Anyway, picked the kids up, made chicken tacos, put Dempsey to bed and finished Babylon and respectfully, that movie is not for me. Brad Pitt sure is charming though!

What a Sunday! Started with bagel sandwiches then a few errands and chores before Lydia and I scooted out to Jacy’s baby shower. They had a berry theme for their baby girl and it was all so cute and beautiful just like that mama-to-be! Lydia got passed around and even slept for a bit. How cute are she and Delaney with their great grandpa??

Reunited with the boys back at home and got ready for our evening festivities by making sheet pan nachos, filling out our ballots (Dempsey picking Women Talking for Best Picture was a tough beat) and settling into the couch for the show. I went 17 for 23 so yay for me and I actually thought the telecast minus those Spielberg jokes at the beginning was pretty good. The EEAAO crew sure knows how to deliver a speech but the highlight of the show was absolutely the “Naatu, Naatu” performance. Joey and Dempsey were dancing all over the place! Till next year, Oscar!

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