A Second Trimester Recap

Hi! I am 28 weeks pregnant today — OFFICIALLY in the third trimester, so I thought it’d be a good time to recap the second trimester!

Everyone calls the second trimester the honeymoon phase and IT IS! I mean, I still had indigestion and my hips hurt a lot while I was sleeping, but all of it felt so minor, so for the most part, I felt GREAT and so lucky to feel that way! Plus we had so many fun life happenings occur. My sister graduated nursing school, we moved, found out we were having a baby boy, celebrated Father’s Day, the 4th of July and my birthday in our new backyard and finally got to see our best friends! The happiest ❤

Okay I still feel like we have so much to do in the third trimester — we made a to do list that may or may not have included “figure out what you do with a baby when you bring it home” 😂 — but we did get some stuff done in the second trimester like starting birth classes, painting the nursery, getting the crib and dresser assembled, finishing our registry and planning our shower with our moms.

I also continued to be weirdly laid back about, basically everything. Okay, honestly I’ve definitely still had some moments/days or real anxiety. I was genuinely terrified for the anatomy scan and baby went through a phase where his movements were really inconsistent (which is totally normal but hard to convince yourself of in the moment) and it would totally freak me out and distract me when he’d go a period of time without moving. Around 25 weeks (the night before my birthday!), he started moving a lot more (my mom, dad and sister even got to feel!!! Lori, you’re next 😉) and it’s been way more reassuring. I just want to mention this because I don’t want to make it seem like pregnancy is only good times and not any paranoia. For me, anyway. It’s still been overwhelmingly positive though🥰

Exercise wise, I’ve been keeping it pretty low key. I try to do a short yoga video once a week but mostly I’ve just been walking. It’s been really nice! I do feel jealous lately when Joey goes out for a run. Pretty excited to push myself again after baby is born but taking it easy definitely feels right for now. I’ve mentioned hip pain while sleeping but it has definitely gotten better with our new mattress. Food has been a non-issue. I don’t have any of the aversions I had in the first trimester and being pregnant in the summer when fruit is at its peak has been THE BEST.

Do you have any questions I can answer?? Please send them my way! Otherwise, I’ll just be eating entire watermelons and avoiding anything that involves bending over 😋

2015 Summer Bucket List

Last week I had to put my chapstick in the fridge because it was too melty to use.  The combination of showering and blow drying my hair in the morning makes me grow an instant sweat mustache.  And I’m thinking of advertising our house as a bikram yoga studio.  It’s official.  This is life without air conditioning summer!  And this is this year’s “Bucket List.”

P.S. Isn’t it weird that I’ve lived in Denver for a year and a half already?  Like when did that happen?  And why have I still not done so many of the things that Denver has to offer?  Hence a lot of the things on this list taking place in Denver.


#1 Attend City Park Jazz (check!)

When I told Joey about this he was like “yeah, we knew about that already.”  WE DID?  I must not have been paying attention because when I read that jazz bands play live music every Sunday in City Park, complete with FOOD TRUCKS and free entry, I freaked.  Sign. Me. Up.


#2 Host a “Kick-Off to Summer” BBQ (check and check and check!)

This one was actually Joey’s idea, but hey, I’m so down!  In fact, we already sent out the Facebook invite for the end of this month and I am like “wait, does that mean my front yard can’t be a mud pit when people show up?”  The good news is that our newest beer — a hefeweizen! — will be kegged and ready!


#3 Bike the Platte River Trail (check!)

A few months ago, Hannah and Josh were telling us about how they took a walk on this trail and I was like “wait doesn’t that go right near our house too??”  And it was then that we realized we only lived a bike ride away from each other.  We could even meet at a brewery somewhere in between!


#4 Go to a Denver Movie in the Park (check!)

I said I was gonna do this two years ago.  Then I said I was gonna do it last year.  I still haven’t done it.  Also, I’ve been using this same picture every year…


#5 Cold brew some iced coffee (check and check!)

Because buying it from a coffee shop every morning would probably get expensive.  I actually bought a fresh bag of beans this week so I’m hoping to get the grounds soaking this weekend.  Side Note: The bag of coffee beans smells SO good.  I kept huffing them in our kitchen, until Joey told me I was being weird.


#6 Run 10 miles

I’m kinda cheating because we’re running a fall half marathon, which mean summer training, which means I’d be running 10 miles whether it was on this bucket list or not.  I should probably be terrified, seeing as my normal weekly runs are 3 milers and 10 is a lot more than 3, but I’m kind of excited instead.


#7 Go to My Brother’s Bar (check!)

It’s supposedly Denver’s oldest bar and I saw it on a list of 29 things you have to do in Denver.  Joey’s down because they (also) supposedly have a really great burger.


#8 Finish our front yard

I guess I never tire of adding house/yardwork-related items to my summer bucket lists.  I actually feel like this one is doable, though!  We’ve made a ton of progress already and we’re having SIX TONS of rock delivered on Saturday.  Talk about exciting weekend plans 🙂


#9 Go to Yoga on the Rocks (check!)

I already roped Jenn into going with me.  Though, to be fair, it didn’t really take much more convincing than me saying I wanted to go this year.  She’s perfect like that.


#10 Go to The Big Wonderful

I’m always delighted by how many fun and cool things there are to do in Denver and a weekly outdoor market that’s part flea, part food festival and part concert is one of those fun and cool things.  There’s even a beer garden!  And it supports local vendors!  But most of all, you say food trucks, I say I’m there.


#11 Make fudgsicles

Because I had a huge hankering for one the other night when we made the stupid decision to brew beer and use the oven at the same time and it was legitimately 85° in our house.  And yeah, that’s not a photo of Joey eating a fudgsicle, but it’s also a cold delicious dessert so that’s as close I’m getting picture-wise.


#12 Start that mother-daughter book club (check!)

You know, the one where the only members are my mom and I.  We’re both finishing up other books, but I think our first pick is going to be Flowers for Algernon.  I’m a shitty English degree holder and don’t even know what that book is, but I’m still excited to read it.


#13 Plant flowers (check!)

I don’t even really know what I mean when I say that.  That’s how clueless I am!  I’m thinking something along the lines of a flower planter box/pot/tire? (


#14 Take a weekend trip to Fort Collins

In addition to being awesome and getting us Denver Passports, Hannah and Josh were also awesome and got us Boulder and Fort Collins Passports, so I think a weekend trip is in order.  I haven’t been to Fort Collins in YEARS.  Plus the year I lived there, I was not of age so the drinking scene will be totally new to me.

What’s on your summer bucket list?!