Weekend Things

This Weekend I…

Braved The Rooftop at the Rockies game.  It is a mess of young drunken people who don’t even know they’re at a baseball game and a DJ playing club music.  In other words, it’s godawful up there, but that’s also where they keep all the good beer.  We got in and got out as quickly as possible.

Drove home in the worst rain I’ve ever seen in my life.  We’re talking SHEETS of rain that made it hard to see the front end of your car, let alone anything on the road in front of you.  The walk from the car to our house had us both soaking wet.  And then we were greeted by our flooding basement, yay…

Dug up weeds, nailed landscape fabric into dirt and pushed rock around our yard on my hands and knees.  Yeah, that six ton rock delivery took up the majority of our weekend, but man did it transform our front yard!  Then Mother Nature was nice enough to send a few rainstorms to wash those rocks off for us.

Treated myself to a strawberry caprese salad for Saturday lunch.  Can we please exchange tomatoes for strawberries in all caprese salads from now on?  Strawberries > tomatoes, amiright?

Finished Top of the Lake and started Game of Thrones.  I thought Top of the Lake was really meh.  As much as I love Elisabeth Moss, I just really didn’t love the plot of this miniseries.  And I mostly just kept thinking “none of this makes any sense!!!”  GoT (is that how we abbreviate it?) seems interesting so far!  But what have we gotten ourselves into?

Brewed ice coffee!  I had my first glass today and I think I may have either messed up the ratios when I brewed it or messed up the ratios when I poured it this morning.  I’ll have to do some experimenting with that, I guess.

Walked to Sunday breakfast.  We met Bobby and Becca at our favorite neighborhood joint and fueled up for another day of “landscape duty” with sunshine, laughter, sweet iced chai and a cheesy bacon scramble.  Um, yes please!

What did you do, watch, eat, drink this weekend?








P.S. DJ “Lhieu” is my new favorite nickname for DJ LEMAHIEU.

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