Weekend Things

Good morning and happy last day of August!  Can you even believe it?  This month went by way too fast and here I am again, dancing in that sad-summer-is-over-but-excited-that-fall-is-coming limbo, like I do every year around this time.  It’s a weird place to be, but what can you do?

By the way, do you dig the fresh look of the blog?!  I made a spontaneous theme change on Friday and I, for one, am loving it!  Please check out the new feature at the very bottom of the page where I tell you what’s on our meal plan for the week because I’m dorky and think that’s exciting enough to share.


We were so GO, GO, GO this weekend that the whole thing is kind of a fun-filled, caffeine-fueled, sun-soaked blur.  We rocked our 8-mile run — long distance running is mostly a game of tricking your mind into thinking things like “oh it’s just four miles out, no big deal!”, so it actually went really really well.  We hosted our last BBQ of the summer — we are pretty much pro at it by now.  Sunday morning Cheesman visit (our anniversary is Sunday!), followed by breakfast and shopping with my mom and sister.

And then, because I always say summer isn’t allowed to be over until I’ve had peach cobbler, I whipped up a batch.  It was my first time making it myself and though it was still delicious with a lower-case d, I need a few more practice runs before it’s Delicious with a upper-case D, like it is when my mom makes it.  Lucky for me, she made some last week, so I got to eat it when I was over for dinner.  And now that a sufficient amount of cobbler has been eaten, I think I’m ready to let summer go.

What did you do this weekend?

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