On My Own

You know those people who can’t be alone?  I’m so not one of those people.  Actually, I really enjoy spending time by myself.  I mean, I’m not a recluse or anything.  I do thoroughly enjoy being with others, but I’ve always needed a good dose of alone time.  Joey took a short weekend golf trip with his dad, brother and cousin this weekend, so alone time is exactly what I got.

I think a lot of people are really uncomfortable with doing things completely by themselves, but this weekend I did a lot of things on my own and it was really refreshing.  I took myself on a walk on Friday morning and it was not only a welcome change in pace (I’m usually running past this barn), but it was also nice to just enjoy some peace and quiet.

Until the lens of my sunglasses fell out.  And then I got to enjoy my favorite solo activity: taking stupid pictures of myself!  I think this Instagram filter really showcases my pastiness, don’t you?  Also, I don’t bother making my hair look presentable when I’m by myself.  Clearly.

I seriously contemplated stealing my mom’s dog for a sleepover, then realized I’d have to walk her and that she probably wouldn’t protect me from any monsters anyways.

Saturday morning, I decided to be one of those people who gets a giant sugary pastry for breakfast and deem it “healthy” because it’s from Whole Foods.  When I’m not busy being one of those people, I’m busy making fun of them.  It really works for me.

Then I launched into what I’ll call a sugar and caffeine induced state of euphoria and felt really lucky to live in a state as beautiful as Colorado.  Where the mountains are right in front of your face and people spend 15 minutes disinfecting their table and chair before sitting down to drink their wheatgrass smoothie.  Only in Boulder.

Things got awkward when my sister found me hanging out at her place of work.  For the second time that weekend.  Luckily she’d forgiven me for trying to freak her out about getting her wisdom teeth out the night before.  I’m a really great big sister.

Resisted the urge to buy one of these to eat by myself.  But only because my mom gave me peanut butter cup blondies the other night.  Other alone time weekend activities involved going to yoga, reading on the porch, a Saturday morning run and watching the same episode of Say Yes to the Dress twice.

If you haven’t done so in a while, I encourage you to spend a good chunk of time all by yourself.  Everyone should be comfortable to stand on their own.  And take pictures of themselves with sunglasses that are missing a lens.


Do you enjoy spend time by yourself?

Do you feel uncomfortable being alone in public?

What did you do for yourself this weekend?

4 thoughts on “On My Own

  1. I’ve always loved alone time. I find that it’s getting easier to spend time alone in public the older and more confident I get. It’s great to be able to do it without thinking twice. Prime people watching time!

  2. Being alone is _the best_, especially when you live with someone. (Even someone that you like a lot.)
    P.S. Those espresso chocolate WF muffins are soooo good. I also went wild and crazy this weekend, and had a raspberry scone for lunch on Sunday! I guess I could’ve chased it with some seaweed snacks, but instead I watched football and drank pumpkin beer:-)

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