Weekend Things

Hello from super snowy Colorado!

We woke up yesterday to a down-pouring of snow that I was totally unprepared for.  I left around 10:15 to make it to an 11 o’clock yoga class and it did not go well.  I had accidentally left my phone at home and when my car got stuck on a hill literally 5 minutes from the yoga studio I was in full-blown panic mode.  Luckily, a man in a big ol’ truck pulled up and helped me turn around by pushing my car for me.  Thank you, random man!

In other weekend-y news, we won Friday night trivia, my nephew turned 4, I ate the best steak of my life and my life’s happiness culminated when I was finally able to watch the Oscars after months of excited anticipation.  Don’t make fun of me!


What’s the only word in the English language to end in mt?  I was seconds away from guessing “verklemt,” but then realized “dreamt” was the answer and that it’s actually “verklempt.”  



I’ve never seen so many kids so terrified to hit a piñata.  We’re talking actual tears of fear.  Not to mention the part where my nephew threw a tantrum and fell off his chair when we all tried to sing “Happy Birthday” to him.  What is with these kids not wanting to be the center of attention?


I think my favorite part was when my nephew unwrapped his gift of stick-on mustaches and my brother put one on my niece.  It was priceless.


We ended Saturday night at Vesta Dipping Grill for Denver Restaurant Week.  Everything was so good!  Hannah and I are going to Elway’s tonight, so I figured I’d just bunch both DRW experiences for another post.  Be excited for a lot of badly-lit pictures!


Mother Nature apparently had other plans, rather than letting me watch the Oscars.  Our satellite dish went out right in the middle of Adele’s performance!  And all the websites, that had been promising live feed earlier in the day, were sadly just playing with our emotions because they suddenly weren’t showing any live feed.

Luckily, we reset the satellite and were able to watch the rest of the show, but I will probably pout over Adele for at least another day.  My thoughts?

  • Seth MacFarlane was okay, I guess, although that Sound of Music joke was great!
  • John Travolta has gotten weird.
  • Just how many long haired blonde men does Hollywood have?
  • How did Jennifer Hudson come in 7th on American Idol?  How?!
  • Make this popcorn immediately.
  • Quentin Tarantino is just so…awesome.
  • ARGO!

Happy Monday!


Did you watch the Oscars?

Is there a restaurant week where you live?

Have any snow disaster stories?




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