Sick Day Thoughts


On Monday, I stayed home sick from work, slept in past 9 (on a weekday!), watched about 8 hours of TV, and ate soup from a bag.  I think this is new, but you can buy a bag of WF soups from the prepared foods case now.  I also got a lemon ginger Kombucha then settled down on the couch and watched last week’s episode of the Amazing Race “with” Joey while he was on his lunch break at work.  These thoughts also went through my head.

Speaking of the Amazing Race…

I don’t know if we can all agree that we wanted Bates and Anthony to win (is Bates even a real name??), but we can all agree that B&A weren’t even half as cute as the Chippendales, James and Jaymes from last season.  Maybe I can reunite with them in Vegas?

Why is What Not to Wear so harsh?

I have very little fashion sense, but even I’ll agree that the guests on that show really need some help.  I just wish that help could be a little bit nicer.  I don’t think I’d respond very well to someone poking fun at every outfit I wore.

And why does every show have to include a makeover?

I swear back in the day when I used to watch MTV’s Made, everyone, even girls who wanted to be made into rappers or hockey players, got makeovers.  I can’t decide if I think this seems really superficial or if I also want everyone on those shows to get a makeover.

The secret to a life of happiness is snacks.

Just lots of snacks.

Doing nothing is really hard for me.

I took the day off to get some rest and really had to resist the urge to clean my entire apartment and go do something active outside (where the weather was actually really nice!).  I think my need to always be “doing something productive” will be the struggle of my life.

I’m back to work now but I still have half a voice.  Every time I try to speak, I can’t really be sure if words, squeaking or just plain silence is going to come out!


Have you ever lost your voice?

When was the last time you had to stay home sick from work?

What’s your favorite kind of soup to eat when you’re sick?

6 thoughts on “Sick Day Thoughts

  1. Hope you feel better soon! Rest up! I’m probably a weirdo for saying this but losing my voice is my favorite way of being sick. Sometimes I get a hilarious Barry White voice and other times it just sounds squeaky, but I’ve always found it entertaining when my voice goes weird/disappears.

    • Thanks, Lauren! I like the idea of having a Barry White voice. Mine’s definitely on the squeaky side. It was fun the first couple of days but it’s definitely getting frustrating. Mostly because it’s interfering with my need to sing along to everything on the radio 😛

  2. Oh honey! I hope you get to feeling better soon! I’ve only lost my voice once and it was absolute AGONY (since I can rarely ever shut my trap! Lol). My go-to sick soup will always be the oldie but goodie: Chicken and stars…not noodles…STARS! 😉 Actually I wish I had some right about now sinnnnnce I had to call out sick for work tonight. 😦

    I totally feel ya on the makeover shows…they makeover everything and everyONE these days! Always looking to improve! Why can’t we just be happy with what we have?

  3. Don’t know if you remember this, but in my former life in the corporate world, I lost my voice when I had a cold on a regular basis. I hated it mostly because everyone thought it was funny that I had a husky voice. Luckily I don’t get sick very often. And besides, I have no one to call in sick to. Chicken matzo ball soup will always be my favorite when I’m sick. It’s perfect! You just let me know when you need some.

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