Another Year


According to the Facebook profiles and Twitter feeds of those I know who are still in college, another school year has come to an end.  I’m not officially an adult until I no longer know anyone in college, right? 

And just like that, another year since I graduated college has come and gone (almost gone, at least).  For some reason, I thought this would make it a full 3 years, but it’s only the 2 year mark.  And for some reason, this makes me feel much better.  Knowing that another college class will be leaving campus and moving on — whether they’re becoming part of the working force or just going from undergrads to grad students — brings a huge sense of nostalgia to me.

And it also makes me a little sad.  I wonder how many college-loving young adults will face the identity crisis that comes with no longer being a student.  I wonder how many will feel completely lost and wish they had started pursuing a career before graduation day came.  I wonder how many will wonder if they’re degree actually does make them any more qualified for a job.  I know I felt that way and in many ways, I still feel that way.

But I also feel this huge wave of happiness and excitement for those who are (or already have) graduated.  Graduating (from anything!) is such an accomplishment.  My sister just earned her associate’s degree and I’m so proud of her!  I know school is (and never has been) her favorite thing, but she’s stuck with it.  So from a former graduate to all current graduates, congratulations!

One thought on “Another Year

  1. Oh my gosh, my sister just updated her Facebook status yesterday, “Finally done with exams! Senior year, here I come!” Made me feel SO old!!! Can’t believe it’s been SIX years since I graduated! And my ten year high school reunion is in August….shit, I think I just found another gray hair!! 😯

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