What I’m Loving Lately: February Edition

Confession: Even though it is part of the season that shall not be named, I kind of love February.  It’s a shorty month packed full of holidays, award shows and Colorado’s signature bi-polar weather.  Case in point, 75 degrees last Tuesday, dumped snow on Saturday.  Or another case in point, 60 degrees on Monday, snow on Wednesday, back to 60 degrees today.  It makes no sense, but it also means the best of both worlds — cozy snow days, sunny spring-like days.  I’ll take it!

Other things I’m loving this month?

On the food front: dried figs, Asian pears (and I don’t even like pears!) and all the egg things.  Egg sandwiches, salads with eggs, scrambled eggs with melty goat cheese.  Yes, yes, yes to all of that.  Also, I just realized the key to perfectly scrambled eggs is to pull them off the heat when they’re still glossy.  How did I never know that?


Tea.  When we started the cleanse, I decided to take a break from coffee (don’t worry, it’s back in my life now) and stick to black tea, which I’ve continued to drink (almost) every morning.  Plus I’ve been keeping my office stocked with Raspberry Zinger so I drink about a billion cups of that a day.


Empty weekends.  Did I mention that towards the end of wedding planning, Joey and I were so longing for weekends where we had nothing to do?  We couldn’t even remember what we did on the weekends before they were filled with cake tastings, seating charts and ceremony writing.  Turns out what we did was watch a lot of TV and go to a lot of movies, which is all we’ve been doing lately.  Sometimes it’s fun to be a couch zombie without feeling like there are more important things to be doing.


Best movie theater ever, right there ^^^.

Friday Night Lights.  We were thisclose to watching The Wire when I decided to be honest with myself and admit that I wanted to watch FNL.  Joey’s already watched the whole series but insisted he didn’t mind really wanted to watch it again, so here we are.  We’re really bonding over our mutual infatuation with Tim Riggins.

photo 1

Valentine’s Day preparations.  It’s no secret that I love the heck out of Valentine’s Day.  I’m such a sucker for that lovey dovey stuff.  Yeah, one of those people. 


What are you loving this month?

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