This Week

On Monday

It started raining (and just never stopped!).

I started a new book.  Whistling Past the Graveyard, if you’re interested.

I made us a salad for dinner.  This salad to be precise.  It wasn’t the first time and it won’t be the last.  So. Damn. Good. (Ew, please ignore that gross plastic fork…)


On Tuesday

It was Cinco de Mayo!

We went out to dinner for Lori’s Birthday.  I ate a raw oyster and I don’t feel like I ever need to do that again.

We announced that we’re taking her to Hawaii in January.  She cried, then I cried because I’m a sympathy crier like whoa.

Ice cream followed, naturally.


On Wednesday

I wore my rain boots on our coffee walk.  It wasn’t really wet enough for them but hey, when you own rain boots, you look for any excuse to wear them.

I made mini pancakes while Joey cooked us dinner.  Because I’m weird and needed a test run with the recipe I plan on using for Mother’s Day Brunch.  Joey doesn’t seem to mind having a fridge stocked with pancake minis.

The Rockies played a true double header.  And lost.  Twice.  Please, no more!


On Thursday

I picked up two boxes of cupcakes for an office birthday and wondered “if neither I nor the cupcakes returned to work, would anyone notice?”

I watched Joey bowl for the last time this year.  The league’s over and that means I can’t tease Joey about never bowling a 300 again because he’s used up his lifetime supply already.  Till next year 🙂

I read 4 pages of my new book before realizing, A) This is boring and B) I’m so tired!


On Friday

I woke up to find a break in the rain so I grabbed myself an outdoor morning run.  Those make me happy.

Was fifteen minutes late to work.  But I brought cupcakes so…

I predict the Rockies game will get rained out and I’ll be totally cool with it because that just means I get to put my pajamas on right after work, sink into the couch and watch a movie.  Maybe I’ll make a pizza dough.  Maybe I’ll realize pizza dough takes too long and order take out instead.

Happy Weekend to you all!

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