Odds & Ends, Take 5


I got a V Day mani, because yeah, I’m THAT person.  Call it a Hallmark holiday, but I love Valentine’s Day!  Always have, always will and you can’t take that away from me.

On Monday, I was so NOT into going to the gym.  So I didn’t.  Trying to be better about trusting my gut when I make decisions and my gut was saying, “you should take it easy instead.”  Plus I actually fell asleep in the car while Joey was driving us home.

Tuesday was National Pancake Day and Mardi Gras.  Does it get any better than that?!  I ate a flight of pancakes at Snooze but what I’m always more excited about is making Red Beans and Rice.  I’m straight up DELIGHTED  every time I open the pressure cooker to find beans and pickled pork that are cooked to perfection.

It’s been nice this week (and next!) and it’s making me so antsy and excited about SPRING.  Inevitably, it will snow in March and I will remember that it’s still winter.  Shudder!

I spent a large chunk of time researching Chemex brewing methods this week after we brewed two batches of what I’d call coffee flavored water.  Detailed notes were taken, a kitchen scale was purchased and I’m determined to make perfect coffee tomorrow.

I’m all about Revive Kombucha right now.  GT’s is still great and all, but I’m realizing there are plenty of other brands that have interesting flavors and don’t taste mostly like carbonated sugar.  Revive favorites include Coffee Brew and Genmaicha Brew.  Try it!

We went to Zoe Ma Ma last week and it made me think we should be having casual Wednesday night noodle dinners more often.  Ain’t nothing wrong with leaving the couch (and Netflix!) for a night to treat yourself to some steamed buns, potstickers and a big bowl of saucy noodles.

I’ve been going to yoga!  I haven’t had a consistent yoga schedule since we moved to Denver and had been making excuses like “it’s too expensive,” “I don’t know which studio to go to,” “parking will be a nightmare,” and “I won’t know anyone and I’ll feel dumb!”  And then I remembered I took myself to a book club where I didn’t know anyone and that turned out fine, so I could totally do this new yoga studio thing.  I’M SO HAPPY TO BE BACK.

Ugh, by the way, I’m well aware how long it’s taking me to post the next chapter of our trip to Hawaii, but here’s the thing… I do not enjoy editing photos.  Every night/weekend, I think to myself, “I’m gonna edit those photos!”  And then almost ANYTHING else sounds more fun and I end up procrastinating another day.  One day, one day.

Do you have weekend plans?  Tell me, tell me!


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