Valentine’s Weekend Things

Right now, I am listening to good music and thinking back over all the goodness that happened this weekend.  Like Friday night movie watching, Saturday massage, beer brewing, making a heart pizza (!!!) and just about every single second of Sunday, aka Valentine’s Day, aka one of my favorite sappy days of the year.  We’re on a real roll with this weekend stuff.  I keep waiting for a disappointing one to come along, but NOPE, they just keep on making me insanely happy.


This smiley little balloon was floating in a tree outside our house and when I saw it Friday afternoon, I just knew it was going to be a good weekend.  We ate Red Beans, rented Bridge of Spies (we’ve now seen all the Best Picture Oscar Noms) and then I totally got into bed embarrassingly early.  I SnapChatted Jenn that I was in bed before 10 PM and that my life is boring… but that I kind of like it.  Send help! 🙂  P.S. Bridge of Spies was alright, but definitely closer to the bottom on my Best Picture rankings.


I not-so-subtly emailed Joey the recipe for these honey-sesame pancakes on Friday and was totally shocked when he made them for us on Saturday morning.  Or, maybe not shocked at all.  Same thing!  Oh and we used our new scale to make coffee in our Chemex and it came out really good.  I look forward to my once-a-week cup of coffee so so much and even more so when it tastes as good as it does in a Chemex.  Hipster coffee brewing for life!


I got a massage that afternoon and brought along some goodies for my mom and sister.  If my mom is going to give up a Saturday spot to give me a massage free of charge, the least I can do is bring her a present, right?  Mascara from my favorite little all-natural make up store.  I hope they love it as much as I do.  P.S. My massage was amazing and I really really love my mom.


My dad just got back from Mexico and brought me back these earrings!  He’s always been so good at picking out jewelry for me and these were no exception.  They’re beautiful 🙂


I got back home around 1:30 PM and was all oily and greasy-looking but more importantly, I was HUNGRY, so I suggested we go out to lunch.  Brider just opened and we tried to go for dinner last week but they were closed for a private event so I was extra excited to go back.  It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, featuring giant salads, sandwiches and rotisserie-focused entrées.  So basically, it’s my kind of place.  I got a sweet potato-avocado salad with chicken and WHOA, so good!  And I can vouch for that meatball sandwich too.  I was so so impressed and can’t wait to go back!


We spent the rest of the day brewing beer and painting our laundry room, which has been a dark brown since we moved in and wasn’t doing the small space any favors.  The beer was going well until we had completely cleaned up and found a bag of hops in the fridge.  So yeah, that’s the second time in a row that we’ve forgot to add hops at flame out and needless to say, we should probably start focusing on one project at a time when it comes to brewing.  I don’t have a good feeling about this batch, but let’s hope I’m wrong.


This was all I wanted to do on Saturday night.  HEART PIZZA!  I wouldn’t call that the best looking heart shape, but it’s not bad either and it was actually pretty easy to do.  They only had this giant log of fresh mozzarella at the grocery so get ready to see lots more pizza.  Which is actually fine by me.  Oh and Joey made us spicy Moscow Mules in our new copper mugs (compliments of Hannah and Josh!) and then we watched Meet the Patels and loved it!


Sunday started like this!  How beautiful are those tulips and how cool is it that the bulbs are attached?!  Joey also got me new towels for our bathroom, which made me insanely happy and oh god, I just realized how much of a married couple we are 🙂  I got Joey this card and it’s too real.  For the record, we exchanged gifts and cards then went back to bed.  Being an adult is so fun sometimes!


So, anytime we go to a coffee shop, I see people who are just camped out and reading and I think “why don’t I do ever?!”  I told Joey and he suggested we do exactly that on Sunday morning so we headed to Amethyst Coffee, ordered ourselves some drinks and just hung out for a few hours.  I can’t remember the last time I just read for that long.  Which is sad, so more of these kind of coffee dates, please.  Also, I kept it coffee-free with some turmeric-honey tea that tasted incredible.



Afterwards, I hit the gym for a quick and easy 4-miler.  I’m currently in a stage of not planning when I work out and just letting the opportunity arise naturally.  It’s cool for now.  When I got back, I tackled salad-in-a-jar duty (I loosely used this recipe and jar-ified it) while Joey finished painting.  He did all the hard to reach/tedious stuff and I love him extra for it.  Now it’s all bright and clean looking in there.  I swear the space got bigger 🙂  Please don’t judge our janky recycling box.  It’s definitely getting replaced soon.


But most importantly… Valentine’s Day dinner!  Do people still go out for Valentine’s Day dinner or is that totally overrated nowadays??  Bon App is always pushing a homemade dinner and every year, part of me thinks “maybe?”  Then I remember I love going out to fancy dinners and trying new restaurants and not doing the dishes.  Joey was so on top of it this year and booked a reservation at Tables months ago.  Guys… IT WAS SO GOOD.  As in I loved every single bite of everything I ate.  From the spicy avocado & papaya salad to the duck ragu to the crispy chicken to the butternut mac and cheese.  IS THIS REAL LIFE?

As good as the food was, the company was a million times better.  Pro Tip: Marry your best friend.  Best decision I ever made 🙂

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Weekend Things

  1. What a fantastic looking weekend! And okay, you’ve got me hooked, I HAVE to try these pancakes. I also keep adding restaurants to my Denver list from your posts. 🙂

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