A Few Words on Writing Inspiration

Hi, guys!  Happy Friday!

So this post isn’t the most uplifting thing I’ve ever written, but it’s something I wrote earlier this week (when it was cloudy and gray outside — my mood is so affected by the weather), and it’s a pretty good example of the kind of stuff I often write, then decide not to publish.  Usually, it’s because I realize that getting the words out, even if I’m the only one to ever see them, is all I really needed.  But, I thought I’d push myself out of my comfort zone today and just go ahead and publish it.  Here goes nothing!


Judging from the topics you find on this blog, I know it probably seems like I spend a lot of time thinking about food trucks, craft beer, honeymoon plans and how to fit in a work out before or after work, but honestly, what I spend the most time thinking about is writing!

I’m constantly at odds with even referring to myself as a “writer,” because, well, I know a lot of the things I write about aren’t all that deep or profound or probably of interest to anyone but me (and maybe my mom…), but I feel this deep-seeded need to write.  As in, I am constantly writing, and have been my whole life, without even realizing it.  Often, posts go unpublished (told you!) and sometimes even unfinished but behind the scenes, I’m always writing.

On Saturday night, I was drinking Miller Light (not recommended), downing shots of Jameson (really not recommended) and having a passionate discussion about writing with another writer (highly recommended!) and realized everything I write is so safe.  Like boringly safe.  I don’t feel challenged by “Weekend Things” posts, or inspired by “10 Things…” posts lately.  But I also feel scared to dig any deeper.

Just the other morning, I was complaining about my lack of writing inspiration to Joey — whose wise suggestion was to take a break and wait for the inspiration to return — and an hour later I was publishing another post!  See!  Can’t not write!  So I guess this post isn’t really going anywhere but to maybe just help me clear my brain 😛  Sometimes getting the words out is all I really need to help get unstuck.

P.S. Anyone with blog post topic suggestions is highly encouraged to share them!


If you’re a blogger, do you consider yourself a writer?

Do you ever feel uninspired and how do you get unstuck?

On a lighter note, what are your weekend plans? 🙂