Denver Restaurant Week: Restaurant Kevin Taylor

Everyone’s still interested in hearing about a meal I ate over a week ago, right?  Maybe don’t answer that.

I’d been wanting to go to Restaurant Kevin Taylor for a while as it’s always one of the top picks to come up when I’m searching for restaurants on Yelp… which is basically all the time.  I live for Yelp.  I’ll be honest, this restaurant experience started off rocky, as it took me about 6 phone calls and two days before I was able to reach someone to make a reservation.  But I brushed it off and was super excited to try the place out.


16We started with cocktails and bread, naturally.  Actually I started with a white wine that tasted almost exactly like apple juice and came in a tiny champagne bottle?  Joey suggested that I had perhaps ordered a “dessert wine” on accident and from that moment on I was super self conscious of my choice of drink.

17The bread selection was great.  Two soft slices — one white, one olive (my favorite!) — and see those two little orangey puff balls?  Amuse-bouche from the chef.  So rare to get to hear (and in turn, use) the term amuse-bouche.  I’m loving it.  This particular amuse-bouche was a little tomato basil bread puff which I liked because it was doughy tasting but Joey wasn’t a fan.  We both gave the melty butter an A+ though.


19Up next, appetizers!  I talked Joey into getting the agnolotti, which I’m pretty sure was just a butternut squash ravioli, and I ordered the treviso and pecorino salad.  Call me crazy, but I do not enjoy eating a salad that I have to cut up first.  I mean, not at a restaurant at least.  I’m paying extra to have someone else do that part for me!  Therefore, this salad missed the mark for me.  Also, the dressing was pretty bland.  The agnolotti was better but the prunes in the dish kind of turned me off.


21The entrees are where Restaurant Kevin Taylor really hit it’s stride.  We both loved our choices  — tenderloin & short rib for him, roasted salmon for her — and all the sides that came along with them.  Pretty sure Joey wanted to leave me for those mashed potatoes, but I was having too big of a love affair with my sweet potato cakes to notice.  The only criticism I had was that my brussel sprouts weren’t cooked long enough for my liking.  Al dente veggies are not where it’s at.


23Things ended on a so-so note.  Joey’s goat cheesecake (yes, goat) was interesting but actually pretty delicious and the accompanying honey ice cream had the perfect flavor.  And I  loved all the textures going on in my chocolate candy bar — thick chocolate ganache, crispy wafer layer, creamy sorbet and crunchy chocolate nibs.  But there were also some components we weren’t crazy about.  I have no clue what that orange stuff on Joey’s plate was, but neither of us cared for it and I don’t think we’re quite fancy enough for beet garnishes.


And I think that’s what this whole experience boiled down to.  The atmosphere and vibe at RTK was just a little too sophisticated and stuffy for us.  We like a restaurant with some quirk, flair and playfulness.  And that applies to everything, from the service to the food.  So while I wouldn’t dissuade anyone else from trying this restaurant, I’m 99% sure we won’t be going back.  Unless maybe Joey needs to make another phone call?

Edited to Add: I just read that this restaurant is closing.  Wah wah.  No one let me pick the restaurant ever again.