Behind the Scenes

I find it funny when I come up with new titles for posts, but in essence they are still just a numbered list of blurbs about life 🙂  Don’t judge!  Those are my forte, I suppose.  Plus I’m finding myself with an excess of A) pictures in my Camera Roll and B) random thoughts, and they have to go somewhere!

1. I made baked carrot cake oatmeal last weekend and now Joey is calling me a “little rabbit.”  I guess it is kind of weird to eat shredded carrots for breakfast but not really any weirder than eating shredded carrots for dessert.  Plus, it’s really just another vessel for peanut butter…


2. How great is the extra sunlight at the end of the day lately?!  I’ve been doing this thing where I shower at night (solely so that I can sleep in later in the morning…) and having sun when I wake up and sun when I get home from work is so so refreshing.  Plus it means getting closer to summer and further from winter.

3. And speaking of sleeping, I downloaded this app called “Sleep Cycle” that supposedly tracks your sleep by how often you move and while I’m kind of skeptical of its accuracy (it was a free app, after all..), I still think it’s kind of interesting to look at.  Apparently Saturday is my best night for sleep.

4. I made these maple stout muffins on Monday night and discovered a layer of brown sugar that my mixer missed at the bottom of the bowl, which meant the last muffin contained a good amount of it.  Guess which one it was!  In other news, these tasted AMAZING.


5. We bought a kegerator!  It came on Wednesday and while it’s a lot bigger than I had pictured in my mind, I’m so excited to have our homebrew on tap!  Not going to lie, this wasn’t the cheapest investment but we’ve been sleeping on it for months and it was either a kegerator or trying to fit 50 bottles of beer in our fridge so it seemed like the most space efficient solution.

6. This teeny tiny coffee (8 oz) cost me $5.  FIVE DOLLARS.


7. My mom and sister are in New Orleans right now, visiting my aunt and cousin and I’m so sad I’m missing out on all the girl time 😦

8. I discovered this little heart drawing for our wedding day on the calendar in Joey’s office and for some reason it made my own heart melt.  So cute 🙂


9. I’ve been making a point of getting into bed before 10 PM so that I can read and decompress before going to bed and as a result, I’ve been waking up feeling so rested (even if my sleep app claims my sleep quality was only at 70%…) AND I’ve gotten to work before 8 AM every day this week.  I assume it’s only a matter of time before I’m back to sabotaging myself by staying up late and being 10 minutes late to work but for now, I’m on a roll!

10. I’m trying to decide between wearing my hair up or down for the wedding and it’s so hard.  <–First World Problems, right?  All suggestions and opinions are welcome!

11. It’s Friday and I have lots of fun outings planned for this weekend.

What do you have planned??