Weekend Things: Just the Highlights

So I’ve realized something about my “Weekend Things” posts.  I’m not really sure when this happened, but at some point I started getting a little too detailed.  You guys probably don’t care what I did every hour on the hour and I don’t care to write about it!  So I’ll just be sticking to the highlights today 🙂


Fish Friday!  Just kidding, that’s not an actual tradition in this household but we made homemade fish nuggets before sitting down to watch “The Place Beyond the Pines” (which for the record, was terrible) and they took me right back to my childhood fish stick days, plus they tasted AMAZING!


Is it bad luck if you convince your fiancé to see you in just your veil before the wedding day?  If so, I’m screwed.  Don’t worry, I won’t be wearing it this direction, come actual wedding day.


Lowlight of the weekend: showing up to see “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and discovering that it’s sold out.  A snowy afternoon at an obscure Denver movie theater and a Wes Anderson film?  I should’ve known.


This was my Christmas present to my sister.  I’m pretty sure Lorde is the high priestess of a secret cult but she’s also pretty awesome.  I could hear a lot of people in the audience making fun of her dancing, but you know what, I love that she dances weird.  Own it, sister!



Sunday stuff: walking to a new-to-us coffee shop for latte art and oatmeal in mason jars.  Black Eye Coffee Shop knows the way to my heart.  Also, on the way home, we passed a “take one, leave one” book library and I thought it was the cutest thing ever.  I was highly tempted to leave my Rick Steves travel guide to Barcelona and take the Junie B. Jones book, but then I decided that maybe wasn’t the best idea.

Now that I’m (more than) sufficiently caffeinated and Joey is (beyond more than) sufficiently caffeinated and totally wrapped up into installing baseboards — does anyone else think handling a saw and a nail gun on too much caffeine is a bad idea?? — I think I’ll get myself wrapped up into a project of my own.  Something along the lines of some kitchen organization?

Happy Sunday!