This Weekend I…


Went out to eat way too many times.

Had one good experience (see above), one underwhelming experience and one purely terrible experience (as in it took AN HOUR AND A HALF to get our food).  The only redeeming factor was that I shared that terrible experience with Jenn.

Booked a florist.  Yaaay!

Drank two cherry flavored beers.  And actually thought they were pretty good.

Watched five episodes of Freak and Geeks.

Bought stainless steel cleaner and reached a new level of homeowner happiness after using it on all of our appliances.

Ran four miles for the first time in a long time.  And didn’t die.

Thought SNL was actually pretty good.

Made more almond milk.

Used up all the almond milk.

Felt excited about baseball season starting (it’s Opening Day!).

Decided the weekend never lasts long enough.