Weekend Things


Joey’s birthday!  Not once, not twice, but three times (4 if you go back to last Wednesday!)


He decided to ring in his 27th year by bowling his ELEVENTH 300!


Dinner on me at Lola on Saturday night.  I think I ate my weight in chips and guac 😛


You know you’re getting old when you’re excited about getting a push broom and shovels for your birthday…




Gotta say I’m a much bigger fan of our ritual pre-Opening Day meal at Biker Jim’s than I was of my “eat a giant breakfast and try to make it through the game without having to eat any gross overpriced ballpark food.”  For the record, it’s not baseball season unless you drop a huge glob on mustard on your pants.


Aforementioned weight in guac.


Breakfast spread of the gods, courtesy of Mom.  Plus coffee and homemade almond milk by yours truly.


Rockies, Rockies and more Rockies!


An Opening Day win is always a good feeling.  As is lots of sunshine when you had prepared to be freezing the whole game.  I was so preoccupied with the temperature, that I forgot all about the sun and got a lovely face burn.  


There’s now a “party deck” at Coors Field.  It was pretty cool up there — fire pit, good beer and a burger joint — but I foresee it getting pretty rowdy up there.


I loved this purple beam, marking the elevation of Denver 🙂



A fire pit for Joey’s birthday!  Now it just needs to get a little warmer.


A new bottle of my favorite OPI color, “Rosy Future.”


Our third set of barstools.  You may have seen our yellow ones on Instagram but I ultimately decided I wanted something a little less flashy.  These are finally the ones.


“Why is Wayne Newton’s voice so high in Danke Schoen?

“Who was in the Rat Pack?”

“How did Humphrey Bogart die?”

Clearly, we were listening to the Frank Sinatra radio station this weekend 🙂

2 thoughts on “Weekend Things

  1. Ohhhh! I love the silver barstools! Definitely a good pick! Happy birthday (again) to Joey! Looks like you guys celebrated WELL! I’m totally jealous of the fire pit…and the cookie cake the size of a not-so-small child! 😉

    • Slightly embarrassed to admit that we finished the whole thing that night… I swear there’s a lot of people at the bowling alley!

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