Girls Season 3: What I Thought

Background: I loved the first two seasons of Girls.  Loved as in binged watched both seasons three times in one weekend.  Once because I was home alone for the weekend and needed something to do, twice for good measure and a third time because I was so in love and needed Joey to see why.  Followed by weeks of incessant quoting and listening to “I Love It” on repeat.  I was late to the game, but I needed a serious Girlservention.  I tell you this not so you can be worried about my sanity, but so you know just how excited I was for Season 3.

And maybe it’s because I was that excited that Season 3 felt like a huge let down.  I wish I could pinpoint a single reason why I didn’t like the season, but nothing is ever that easy.  Instead, it was more like a bunch of small reasons, that combined = suck.  That was descriptive, wasn’t it?  Here, let me break it down for you.


I miss boring Marnie.  Just how much longer can the “I’m a total mess because of my breakup” thing go on?!  Because at two seasons, I don’t think I can handle that plot line anymore.

Jessa isn’t even fun to watch.  Did she even smile once this whole season?  Or was it just a series of episodes where she was miserable and on drugs?  Also, when in the past two seasons did she ever have a drug problem?  I felt like that rehab thing was so out of nowhere.

Hannah and Adam fell flat.  I actually didn’t mind Hannah’s storyline this season but her storyline with Adam had no zest!  Didn’t their relationship used to be more fun and playful?  Because it was totally boring this season.  Adam has always been my favorite character but he was just too serious.  Wah wah.

The girls don’t even feel like friends anymore.  Probably my biggest disappointment with this season (something that’s actually been slowly happening since mid-Season 2).  Watching a show about a disconnected group of people who only care about their own lives isn’t half as fun as watching a group of friends.  Apart from that beach house episode (don’t even get me started on that disaster), no one seemed to be that involved in each other’s lives.  I didn’t find it enjoyable to watch.

Redeeming Factors:

Elijah.  Especially Elijah in formal shorts.

An appearance by Jenny Mollen.  If you don’t follow her on Twitter, your life is sad.

Adam in “Role-Play.”  His responses to the weird act Hannah was putting on were the best.

Despite being kind of ambiguous (did Hannah and Adam break up?), I kind of liked the finale.

Season 4 Predictions:

Joey brought up the “time jump” idea for Season 4 and while I was kind of hesitant at first, I actually think he has a serious point!  They could pick up after Hannah graduates from Iowa and is back in New York and it would give the characters sort of a fresh start.  I’m in favor of this idea!


Do you watch Girls?  What did you think of Season 3?

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