Oscar Weekend Things

I have the post-Oscar blues.

The countless days and nights I spent at the movie theater this winter finally all culminated with the big show last night (the Oscars are my Super Bowl) and now that it’s all over, I’m like “what do I do with myself now?!”  What did you guys think of the show??  As far as winners go, I felt it was pretty predictable, but I love love loved Pink’s performance, Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts eating pizza in the audience and every second of Ellen’s hosting job.  Can she just do it every year forever?  Oh and I beat Joey in the annual at-home ballot competition.  When in doubt, pick Gravity.


Anyways, rewinding back to Friday, I made a giant pot of pasta (homemade Penne Rosa, for the win!) and we discovered we could rent “Nebraska” through Apple TV.  Honestly, I did not want to see this movie.  It looked boring, was in black and white and starred Will Forte.  The same person who starred in MacGruber?  No thanks.  But as we were two nominees away from seeing all the movies up for Best Picture I figured “why not?”  Or more like “ugh, if I must.”  But!  I loved it!  Thought it was so funny and June Squibb killed it.  Favorite scene: Bruce Dern’s character’s reaction to Mt. Rushmore.  A+++!


Post-Saturday workout & Home Depot run lunch.

I’m trying to do this thing where I work out on the weekends.  On the one hand, it sucks because it’s the weekend and I want to be doing other fun stuff like watching TV in bed, drinking amounts of caffeine that make me feel severely off kilter and working on house projects, but on the other hand, the weekends are so much easier to coordinate a workout with.  I can go at almost any time, stay as long as I want and not feel rushed.  So if it means being able to sleep in a little later during the week (week day morning workouts suck) and not have to go straight from work to the gym (the only thing worse than week day morning workouts), then I’m all for it.  And thus ends the longest most boring paragraph ever about my workout schedule…


We spent most of the day Saturday putting our living room back together, which involved texturing new drywall, painting some holes Joey patched up and cleaning the floor.  Like on my hands and knees with a rag for hours because there was drywall dust stuck in every.single.crack.  And that’s all I’d really like to say about that.  But the good news is our TV is back in the living room, our couch is no longer in the kitchen and I can actually see the floor!  Which is worthy of a celebration, if you ask me! 


We had a reservation at Restaurant Kevin Taylor for Denver Restaurant Week and even though I felt the service and atmosphere left a lot to be desired, the actual food was pretty good.  I’m actually going to dedicate an entire post (or 2…) to our Denver Restaurant Experiences this week, so I’ll just leave it at that for now.  Oh and I’ll leave you with this picture of something that was hanging up near the restroom.  I think we found the groomsmen outfits for the wedding!


Afterwards, we headed to a bar where our wedding band was playing.  You know, just to make sure they were still good (they were).  And because some of Joey’s family was there checking them out for the first time.  They all approved and good thing, because we already put that deposit down… Then, we headed to a friend’s birthday party.  Can I just say that beer pong is so much better now than when I used to play it?  That whole thing where you just fill the cups with water and keep your actual drink on the side and sip as desired is so preferable to the chugging of crappy dirty beer.  Also, I am the epitome of terrible at beer pong.


Sunday involved more working out (today’s rest day never felt so good) and Joey and I rushing to an afternoon movie (because we rush everywhere…).  “Philomena,” which we keep calling “Philomania” because of that SNL skit a few weeks ago, was the only best picture nominee we hadn’t seen, so we had to.  Sadly, it was just as cheesy and boring as I thought it was going to be.  Definitely my least favorite of all the films, but I can’t believe we actually saw them all!  Between seeing all the best pictures, all the short films and one of the documentaries, we killed it on the Oscar thing this year.


Spent the rest of the afternoon with this little project.  I’ve got one out of three coats up and I’m so so excited for our chalk wall.  It will most likely feature the name of whichever beer we’re currently brewing/drinking and notes from me to Joey saying stuff like “you forgot to hang up the towel in the bathroom AGAIN!”  I think he’s really gonna love it.  Also, I swear I’m going to start showing some pictures of the house now that it’s closer to being done.  One day…

Happy Monday!


What was your favorite moment of the Oscars?

What did you do this weekend?

Are you celebrating Mardi Gras or National Pancake Day tomorrow?  That’s a yes to both for me!


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